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‘Hybrid’ is a friendly, catch-all term from the legacy pot naming system that includes indica strains and sativa strains. It’s an aging and simplistic system, but it’s useful. Hybrid weed strains are the most popular because they encapsulate so much variety in look, flavor, and effect.


Typically said to be relaxing, indica originally grew in cold, northern climates. They grew short and dense because of their environment, and their growing life cycle is shorter so they can get harvested before the cold and wet of fall and winter set in. 


Most people consider it to be energizing.  Sativa originally grew in warm, humid climates, growing long and lanky so they can dry out and not absorb so much humidity. Their warm climate also means they can take a long time to grow and flower, or produce buds, because the weather won’t get cold and rainy at the end of the growing season. 

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